Various smaller parts/products that I designed and fabricated.

Lightweight pulleys and mounts for the Nissan Sunny/Pulsar Gti-R. The mounts save 5500 grams over the cast iron factory brackets, and another 200 grams on the pulley. The alternator mount (front left) is cut from a single piece of aluminium, the power steering pump mount (left upper) and the transfer case support mounts (2 on the right) are made from several pieces and welded together.

Intake manifold for the Nissan CA18DET engine, that I unfortunately was never able to test. Slightly shorter runners with a nice straight tract, Jenvey velocity stacks and slightly increased manifold volume with 70mm throttle body from an Alfa Romeo (it uses the same throttle position sensor mounting). Has been welded twice as the person who originally welded it for me many years ago, failed to do a proper job (cracks developed from poor weld penetration while polishing) so I redid the whole thing after cutting away his welds.

Several other smaller projects, such as one-off aluminium upper control arms for the Nissan Pirmera P11. Without bushings these arms weigh just 400 grams, the bushings add another 300 grams. The factory arms weigh in at around 1450 grams. The weld test was mandatory for getting an approval on my Custom Cages rollcage in my S13.