Parts that I currently have up for sale:

-CA18DET custom intake manifold

Custom intake manifold. The runner length is 4cm shorter than factory and has smooth Jenvey velocity stacks (welded in). The chamber volume is increased by roughly 25% and has much smoother shape than OEM. The manifold comes with an Alfa Romeo throttle body 70mm in diameter, and a lever already made to fit. The ca18det TPS is a direct fit. No idle air fittings are included but I can weld these on. Wall thickness of the plenum chamber is 6mm so can be tapped. Price 400 euro’s.

-CA18DET forged engine

This engine has been rebuilt in the same fashion as the CA18DET engine found in my project page.

New CP pistons 83,5mm
New Max-Speeding forged H-beam con rods with ARP bolts
New ARP head studs
New Nissan OEM full engine gasket kit
New NDC crank and rod bearings
New Goleby hydraulic valve lifters
New Nissan OEM oil pump
New Nissan OEM oil cooler seals
New Nissan OEM timing belt
New Nissan OEM timing belt crank guide plate

Used Crankshaft, checked for straightness (within 0,005mm), only bearing surfaces polished. Rod bearing clearances 0,030-0,041mm, main end 0,037-0,048mm
Used block, overbored 0,5mm with deck plate, surface decked. Piston ring end gaps 0,42mm top, 0,48 2nd, 0,30mm oil scrapers.
Used head, 3 angle valve seat recuts on all seats. Oil passages drilled through and replaced by conical plugs. Ports and combustion chambers lightly reworked, compression ratio calculated at 1:8,9
Used valve springs, pressure tested, well within factory specs
Used valves, good condition, surfaces cut during valve seat recut
Used camshafts, surfaces lightly polished, checked for straightness, well within specs
Used GMC timing belt pulleys and water pump. Previous owner of this engine has them replaced right before he traded it in.
Used valve covers freshly sprayed to a very pretty pearl green color
Used oil pan fitted with many baffles and trap doors

Engine does not come with the Nismo oil cap pictured. You’re also going to need a flywheel and clutch. Does come with the crank pulley and several hoses/additional parts